Where to start with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy for beginners

Where do we begin?

Great question! Well whats the reason for doing all of this? Whats the purpose? Start by getting "clarity in purpose" determining the "why" behind your mission and your project, work on communicating it effectively and use it to inform decision making. 

People buy why you do it not what you do. 

When the why is articulated correctly it not only inspires the people to buy the product or service your selling but it inspires others to buy into you. Not only does it flow down to our customers but throughout our organization and circle of influence.  If we articulate this correctly it will become the filter for which everything runs through.


What is the mission of the company/brand?

Tell me: What you do - How you do it - Why you do it. Write this in a mission statement form but reverse the order. Why How What. This will set our vision for everything else we do moving forward.

Step 2.

What is the purpose of the site?

What makes this site a success or failure? 1st level Success Markers (revenue, products sold ect.) 2nd level Success Markers (traffic shares subscribers ec.)

Step 3.

What are the key activities

What will be the top things that are focused on in this site Blog, Gallery of images, Portfolio, Product, Services


On to the Marketing Strategy!

Creating an inbound marketing strategy is like a mini business bootcamp. Start by identifying customer segments determining which of those are early adopters (the most likely to buy first) and then break them down into buyer personas (profiles, demographics, interests, locations). These buyer personas are what you will use to get to know your current and desired clients better. 

Target Market?

Customer Segments

(potential groups that would like the site)

Customer Segment 1. Customer Segment 2. Customer Segment 3.

Early Adopters

(Customer Segments most likely to act now)

Early Adopter 1. Early Adopter 2.

Break down early adopters into buyer personas

Age range: Gender percentage: Locations: Occupations: Income: Interests: (blogs - podcasts - youtube channels - brands - celebrities - styles)

Keywords SEO and implementation... Now we're getting crazy!

Time to develop keyword sets for each of these buyer personas, matching your offerings with their habits. (Check out the Keyword search tool at the bottom) Use these keyword sets to optimize your current content by adding them in your website. Keeping an eye on your traffic and keywords will help you to understand the searchers intent so that you can tailor content and campaigns around them effectively. If you have done a good job with the buyer personas and keywords you should have a good grasp on what social media channels they use what type of interests they have and you can use all of this information to set specific goals, create a content plan including marketing and social media strategies that deliver relevant content through the most effective channels. 

Identify Topics that Matter - Keyword research - Internet forums - Industry news - Sales/Support FAQ's - Buyer personas' goals - Buyer personas' challenges

Implementing an inbound strategy like this one not only brings life to your marketing plan, it also gives you a foundation to use in other areas of your business.

If you want to know how can help you develop an inbound marketing plan and use it to empower your website click here for a free to chat with us.